Divine chocolate

Chicolate is prepared the artisanal way by the experts at Geruba Chocolade. It is made from delicious, ethically sourced Belgian Chocolate. Geruba uses only UTZ certified chocolate. It is guaranteed to be the finest quality, sourced from farmers who care about people and planet. The chocolatiers, who were trained at the vocational college in Hasselt in Belgium, work with care, passion and skill. You can taste that!!

Chocolate; virtually everyone loves it. Did you know that it is healthy too? Chocolate improves your mood, enhances your cognitive ability and heightens your resistance.

About Healing Arts

Healing Arts was founded by Joanne van Wijgerden. She studied at Wageningen University and developed the Liquid Light Frequencies in partnership with Hahnemann pharmacy. The effect of the liquids focuses on healing the damage people sustain to their bodies and souls throughout their lives. The liquids align with your energy field and help to restore balance to your chakras. Liquid Light Frequencies are used across the whole world; responses to the effect have been overwhelming.