What is a chakra?

Chakras are the energy centres of your body. There are seven chakras and together, they ensure good inner balance. Each chakra influences a specific bodily function and emotion.

Chi + Chocolate = Chicolate

The chocolates of Chicolate are unlike any other.

They bring you the intense joy of delicious chocolate and they also help you to find balance and happiness. In order to positively boost your chakras and help you feel great, we added drops of light frequencies. The result? Down to earth chocolate with a touch of light, helping you to energize your inner self. Bite by bite!


Chi is the Chinese word for life energy. Eastern philosophy teaches us that the amount of Chi or life energy is important for our bodies, to keep them healthy and in balance. This energy flows through seven energy centres, your chakras. Each chakra has its own function. When they work effectively, you are in balance and you feel well.

Liquid Light Frequencies are energising sprays that strengthen the functioning of your chakras. These sprays have been used nationally and internationally for over 15 years and have now also been incorporated into this chocolate. If you eat a Chicolate every day –for 21 days ­– your Chi will flow better and you will feel better.